FLSA Overtime & Minimum Wage Hot Topics


Auto-deduct for working meal breaks and off-the-clock overtime; LPNs and hourly-paid RNs as non-exempt

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Servers & Tipped Employees

Minimum wage violations

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Store Managers

Exempt or non-exempt under FLSA

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Payment for Travel Time

Payment for travel time during the work day

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Partial Day Absences

Forfeiting exempt status by docking salary for partial day absences

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Construction Supervisors

Misclassified as exempt

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Overtime Pay

Rounding down but not up to avoid paying overtime

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FLSA Retaliation

FLSA retaliation for overtime and unpaid wage complaints

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Independent Contractors

FLSA-covered employees mislabeled as independent contractors

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Am I owed overtime?

Covered employee or independent contractor? Salaried exempt or salaried non-exempt? Whether the FLSA's overtime pay requirements apply to you will depend on your actual job duties performed, not on job titles or contract language.

Why comp time is wrong

If you're an FLSA non-exempt employee who worked over forty hours one week ("overtime"), only to be told that you can take those overtime hours worked as leave at some later time -- and you don't work for the government -- you're likely the victim of an illegal "comp time" overtime policy.

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